On the backdrops of the Western Ghats on an altitude above 900 meters with an extension of the Mudumalai and Satyamangalam reserve forest flourishes an integrated farming system on the laps of nature. Away from the maddening crowd is this place which you would love to visit again and again. Our challenge to revive natural farming methods and infuse technology wherever necessary balancing the eco system and enjoying fresh produce is our vision. We have been cultivating various seasonal fruits and vegetables.Our passion has attracted patrons who procure from us directly avoiding the glitch of middlemen. Handpicked fruits and vegetables, naturally ripened. Here is a sneak peak into what you can procure from us.


It’s needless to say mangoes are the king of Indian fruits. We welcome summer with excitement expecting sumptuous mangoes through the season. A visit to our orchard in summer would let you experience the aroma and taste of our mangoes. We have an assortment of intensely researched and picked variety of mangoes namely Alphonso, Sindura, Mallika and Imam Pasand.

Alphonso/ Badami – This native variety which thrived genetic modification is so very Indian. Have you ever plucked a naturally ripened sunshine yellow mango squeezed it and sucked it and felt the joy of honey and citrus? if you haven’t done it! Add it to your list of “Must try before I die” and visit our Alphonso farm and experience the smooth and buttery substance. Rest assured you would be our ambassador. Alphonsoes have been adopted by international cuisines for their deserts, cocktails and cheesecakes.

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Senthura/Sindhoora/Sendhura/Sindura – For all the confectioners here we have your choice for making jams, jellies and preservatives. The right time to procure them is June to July. Once plucked its shelf life is short so, the tip is to take them straight from our farm to your kitchen directly.

Mallika – The fruit with citrus, melon and honey notes. A hybrid of Neelum and Dasheri. A completely fibre free fruit. Known as the best among the new generation Indian desert mangoes. This variety has been a choice at International Curator’s Choice Mango Festivals across the world.

Imam Pasand – The name says it all the “Leader’s Choice”- choice of the Indian blue blood rather. Although the name sounds north it is a fruit of the south. A fruit with hints of coconut and lime.


Banana – Sevvazhai/Lalkela – The red dacca with rich fiber source. This variety is popular for its medicinal values hence the most sought after. The fruit which has a hint of raspberry is highly suitable to make Juices, Jams, desserts and Sweets

Yelakki - A tropical fruit which is an ideal power snack post workout due to its rich Vitamin C, natural sugar and Potassium source. The golden yellow fruit is highly fragrant, tasty and powdery. You can cook savoury dishes using the raw ones and the ripe ones use it as per your taste buds. Highly recommended for babies this fruit is available throughout the year at our farm.

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Cocount – So much to talk about this wonder tree. One tree which can be used from its roots to the tip of its palms.Nature's love at its best perhaps.

Take the roots to make toothbrushes a mouthwash or dye. Do you know that the trunk is used to make canoes, containers, drums, furniture and even build a house. Roof your thatch using the leaves, make brooms, cooking skewers, weave baskets, mats etc..

Ultimately the fruit itself from the shell, the pulp to its water has multiple uses.

The tall native variety has been our choice as it suits our climatic conditions and soil. As mentioned from the roots to the fruit our trees are made to use by our patrons.

We encourage patrons to our farm throughout the year based on prior appointments and confirmation.

Products Quantity (In Tonnes) Season
Alphonso 10 May, June and July
Sindhura/Senduro 5 May, June and July
Mallika 40 May, June and July
Imam Pasand May, June and July
Yelakki 120 August
Sev Vazhai/ Lal Kela/Red Banana 3 May / June
Karpooravallian 10 May / June
Poovan 7 May / June
Coconut teller 5000 Nos Monthly